Tully said, 'They may make you Emperor of Kesh, King of Queg, and Grand Master of the Brothers of the Shield of Dala as well, for all I care. Not yet, but I can't put it off much longer, Towson said.

The ship's drive forward slowed, and Tremaine saw from the way the water churned below that it was moving into one of those insane turns.

A pinched thumb can be darned sore, we all know that. Then, without waiting for an answer, he moved in closer.
  • Within seconds, the smooth surface of the river was disturbed by a myriad ripples and there came the high-pitched, spine-chilling buzzing whine as the needle teeth of the voracious piranha proceeded to strip the quiexada to the bone.
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  • She stumbled out and nearly fell down the wagon's steep steps.
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    Sauer nodded and waited for Lowell to go on. i've heard stories that a very junior lieutenant colonel took offense at the attention another colonel was trying to pay his wife and punched him off an officer's club balcony.

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    Gray says, towards the end of one of his letters, he writes, that bodies attract more or less according to their colors.

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  • It wasn't more than a day later when I was in my room and the telephone rang. He was now the sole owner of Lorca's Wisdom Mask.
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